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Re: botswana  more options  
Author:   Kate the Short 
Email: * katew@cicero.spc.uchicago.edu*
Date: 1997/06/10 
Forums: news.newusers.questions  


In article * <199706041401.OAA03237@osiris.kben.co.uk>*
=?iso-8859-1?Q?ren=E9?= schneiders  * *wrote:
>Who can give me information about traveling in Botswana? Especially
>about the route between Gabarone and Ghanzi. Do you have experience with
>hitch-hiking on that route, please tell me.

                        HELPFUL INFORMATION ABOUT:
                        Travelling to Other Places

0.  This isn't really the newsgroup to make travel plans.  However, we
    can point you in the right directions!

1.  If you're looking to travel to a different place, perhaps one of these
    newsgroups would help you with beginning and ending your journey, as
    well as the things to see and do in-between!

    rec.travel.africa               (news:rec.travel.africa)
    rec.travel.asia                 (news:rec.travel.asia)
    rec.travel.australia+nz         (news:rec.travel.australia+nz)
    rec.travel.caribbean            (news:rec.travel.caribbean)
    rec.travel.europe               (news:rec.travel.europe)
    rec.travel.latin-america        (news:rec.travel.latin-america)
    rec.travel.usa-canada           (news:rec.travel.usa-canada)
    rec.travel.misc                 (news:rec.travel.misc)

    rec.travel.marketplace          (news:rec.travel.marketplace)

    rec.travel.air                  (news:rec.travel.air)
    rec.travel.cruises              (news:rec.travel.cruises)
    rec.outdoors.rv-travel          (news:rec.outdoors.rv-travel)
    alt.travel.road-trip            (news:alt.travel.road-trip)

2.  If you're planning a honeymoon, you might also want to check out the
    (news:soc.couples.wedding) soc.couples.wedding newsgroup, and the
    (news:alt.wedding) alt.wedding newsgroup.

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